Selection of digital and traditional art I’ve created.


You can’t see it in the scan but in the original sketch there giant is reaching to save a tiny flower against ...

Hill Troll

I like to try and use the setting or objects to give a sense of narrative, this also gives more form to the characte ...

Water Elemental

Thought I’d try to capture the moment that the monster takes form.


This was a pencil doodle that started small and just growing.


Wizardier was the project I created, while learning Unity. It is a 2D pixel art platformer, with a unique rescue gam ...

Hell Bus

A recent Flash game, I did the presentation graphics (front screen, shop screen) and all the coding.

Fantasy card game designs

I play Hero Academy on iOS daily, it’s probably the best multiplayer strategy game I’ve ever played, cer ...

Christmas Crunch

It was October 2008 and I had a choice to make. During that year I had made quite a few games but none of them reall ...