It was October 2008 and I had a choice to make. During that year I had made quite a few games but none of them really were successful. If I was going to continue working on Flash games full time I had to have a success a game which would make enough money for me to carry on. So I decided to make 1 more game. Everything rested on this game, if it was a success then I would carry on, if it was a failure then I would give up trying to make it as a full time game developer and go and look for a 9-5 in London. I'll never forget the evening of the first day Christmas Crunch was online on mindjolt.com. Up until then the most plays any of my games had gotten in a day (on Mindjolt as well) were maybe 5k. So I eagerly awaited for my Mochi dashboard to display what Christmas Crunch had done on that day. And there it was......70k plays! for the next 2 years it pretty much stayed at that amount of plays or more. Here we are almost 7 years later and it's had over 190 million plays, and it's still on the front page of Mindjolt.com.    

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