I finally managed to get around to a sequel to Christmas Crunch during late 2011. I thought it would be great to launch it as a Facebook as well, my first. It was a bit of a journey to get it released but eventually during December 2011 I got it online. I worked with a server-side developer on this and I think I came up with some interesting features.
  1. Extensive high score tables (which update in real time)
  2. "Player to beat". This shows the player who is the next player above them on the highscore tables. This was a "real-time" feature that showed who was just above you on the high score table as you were playing and updated as you overtook their score.
  3. In-game currency called Crunch coins to allow the player to buy ornaments in the game so they can get higher scores.
I did all the game design, client side coding and art for this. Unfortunately it's not online anymore but it was a good learning experience.

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